I’ve been working in area of IoT for quite some time, and at Azoi we use Python extensively. Looking at usage of Python on micro-controller, I realised that it’s not used as much as in other areas. I’ve had very good experience going with Python. I’ve got some exposure with micro controller and think it assists you to rapidly build prototype involving hardware.

I applied for a talk on Internet of Things with Python to spread some awareness around this and it was selected along with another talk by my colleague Bhaumik Shukla and one more by Hitul Mistry. Out of all all submissions, there were total 4 selection out of which 3 were from my team at Azoi. It was also my first major talk at a large conference like EuroPython. I was both nervous and excited as the same time and since I was going to Bilbao, Spain for conference, I thought its a great opportunity to explore other cities as well :-)

Bhaumik’s topic was “Python for Cloud Services and Infrastructure Management” and Hitul’s Topic was on Concurrency and Parallelism.

After a lot of preparation I was ready to go on stage to deliver my talk, one piece of advise you’re delivering a talk at a conference, avoid changing your slides at last moment. In my case, my talk was on 2nd day so I thought I’ll add a demo video and modify the flow a little bit to make it more easy to understand. It clearly wasn’t a good idea but I managed to handle it.

Here’s video of my talk, looking forward to your feedback!